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Ex-Argentine junta leader jailed
May 27, 2016
Former Argentine junta leader Reynaldo Bignone is sentenced to 20 years in prison over Operation Condor killing of left-wing activists.
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Putin says Romania, Poland may be targeted over new U.S.-led NATO missile bases
May 28, 2016
Doug G. Ware
ATHENS, Greece, May 27 (UPI) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin warned two former Soviet Bloc nations against joining the United States and allies in new European missile defense deployments.
Fed chief Yellen expects another interest rate hike in 'coming months'
May 27, 2016
Doug G. Ware
WASHINGTON, May 27 (UPI) -- Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said Friday she expects the U.S. central bank will again raise benchmark interest rates "in the coming months."
Loitering, lethal airborne system for U.S. Army on way
May 27, 2016
Richard Tomkins
TUCSON, May 27 (UPI) -- Small and lethal loitering airborne systems are to be jointly developed by Raytheon and Israel's UVision for U.S. military requirements.
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New U.S. Study Fans Cellphone Cancer Worries
May 28, 2016
A new study found “low incidences” of two types of tumors in rats exposed to low-level radio waves emitted by cellphones has reignited debate, but many scientists said it was too soon to draw sweeping conclusions from the results.
Janet Yellen Sees Rate Hike Coming Soon
May 28, 2016
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Friday signaled the central bank will likely raise interest rates within months if the U.S. economy keeps gaining strength.
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How Climate Change Could Create Apocalypse Movie-Style Disasters
May 27, 2016
The Statue of Liberty, Venice, Stonehenge, Easter Island, and more are in danger.
Read the Speech President Obama Gave at Hiroshima
May 27, 2016
During his historic visit
North Korea Has Been Linked to the SWIFT Bank Hacks
May 27, 2016
And they go back to 2015.
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This week's data should tell whether Fed is ready to take the plunge
May 27, 2016
Data in the coming week should provide important clues as to whether the Fed will hike rates this summer.
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Gold at 3-month low after Yellen hints at possible rate hike
May 27, 2016
Gold slid to a three-month low on Friday, extending losses after Janet Yellen indicated the Fed could raise rates within months.
Stocks close higher after Yellen; Dow, S&P post best week since March
May 27, 2016
U.S. stocks closed higher Friday, posting a solid week of gains, after Fed Chair Janet Yellen's remarks.
Oil slips for 2nd day as $50 level sparks new output fears
May 27, 2016
Oil prices dipped for a second day in a row on Friday as some investors took profit on a surge to seven-month highs.
Dollar highest in two months as Yellen sees rate hike possible
May 27, 2016
The dollar index hit 2-month highs after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen left the door open to a rate increase.
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Market Minute — Eyes on Yellen, Japan deflation deepens
May 27, 2016

Katie Martin, head of FastFT, highlights what to watch out for on Friday, including scrutiny of Janet Yellen for clues of a Fed rate rise, oil slipping from its pop above $50, and a blow for Japan's central bank after consumer prices fell 0.3 per cent in April.

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US growth at start of 2016 revised higher
May 27, 2016
GDP revision shows that economy has withstood global volatility
Japan falls deeper into deflation
May 27, 2016
Weak data come as prime minister Shinzo Abe warns of grim global outlook

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Putting Profits in Perspective
May 27, 2016

The fact that some US companies are generating returns that greatly exceed historical averages has been seen by some as an indication of a weak competitive environment. But outsize profits are more likely to reflect changes wrought by the rapid digitization of the US economy.

Twin Tests for the EU
May 27, 2016

Two decisions in June will shape the future of Europe: the ruling by Germany's Constitutional Court on whether the Bundesbank may participate in the ECB's bond-buying program and the UK's referendum on continued EU membership. Whatever the outcome, the era of unconditional trust in the EU and its institutions has come to an end.

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