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Donald Trump berates Mueller's 'biased' Russia inquiry
March 18, 2018
Mr Trump said it was dominated by "hardened Democrats" and supporters of Hillary Clinton.

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Putin on track for commanding win as Russians head to polls
March 18, 2018
UST-DJEGUTA, Russia (Reuters) - Russians voted in a presidential election on Sunday that was expected to give Vladimir Putin an easy victory, but his opponents alleged officials were compelling people to come to the polls so that a low turnout does not tarnish the win.
Rebels in Syria's eastern Ghouta discussing ceasefire with U.N.: statement
March 18, 2018
BEIRUT (Reuters) - The main rebel group in the southern pocket of Syria's opposition-held eastern Ghouta said on Sunday it was negotiating with a United Nations delegation about a ceasefire, aid and the evacuation of urgent medical cases.
Republican senator expects Trump to pull out of Iran deal: CBS
March 18, 2018
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican U.S. Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he expects President Donald Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement in May.
Turkish forces and Syrian allies drive Kurds from Afrin
March 18, 2018
ISTANBUL/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel allies swept into the northwestern Syrian town of Afrin on Sunday, raising their flags in the town center and declaring full control after an eight-week campaign to drive out Kurdish YPG forces.
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The Battery Boost We've Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Years Out
March 18, 2018
Lithium-ion batteries get a little bit better every year, but capacity is about to get a much-needed major lift, thanks to nanotechnology and a shift in materials.
Can Retailers Keep Pace With Shoppers?
March 18, 2018
After strong holiday season, retail executives gather at the Shoptalk conference in search of new strategies.
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U.S. and U.K. Lawmakers Demand Investigations of Facebook’s Data Handling
March 18, 2018
A key question: Was this a "breach" at all?
Tesla Built the World’s Biggest Battery. Now This Billionaire Has Plans to Beat It
March 16, 2018
The new battery will be used at a steelworks and help improve local grid stability.
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Europe closes higher amid political, trade concerns; Nex Group jumps 30.3%
March 16, 2018
European stocks finished Friday's session in the black, as investors tried to shake off concerns coming out of the U.S.
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Europe closes higher amid political, trade concerns; Nex Group jumps 30.3%
March 16, 2018
European stocks finished Friday's session in the black, as investors tried to shake off concerns coming out of the U.S.
Stocks fall for the week on rising trade tensions
March 16, 2018
A slight gain on Friday was not enough to stop stocks from posting a loss this week.
2-year Treasury yield hits 2008 high
March 16, 2018
U.S. government debt yields ticked upward Friday, but long-term debt rates remained lower for the week.
Asia markets ease as concerns over trade and US politics simmer
March 16, 2018
Asian markets closed mixed as investors digested developments related to global trade and U.S. politics.
Dollar rises on data, yen gains on US political uncertainty
March 16, 2018
The dollar rose against most currencies on Friday, bolstered by solid U.S. economic data.
Oil prices set for weekly drop as concerns about rising supply weigh
March 16, 2018
Oil prices were set to fall this week, with both benchmarks dropping slightly on Friday.
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How the US can win a trade war with Europe
March 18, 2018
Steel tariffs are a side show — extra duty on car exports could devastate the EU
All eyes on Fed ahead of Powell’s first meeting as chairman
March 18, 2018
Analysts expect bullish statement amid hints of four rate rises in 2018

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Investing in Poverty Reduction
March 16, 2018

After almost a year of accomplishing nothing, the Republican-led US Congress has managed to enact a far-reaching tax law and budget legislation that will shape the contours of future government spending. Neither will solve America's most pressing economic challenges, but each does include at least one sensible idea for tackling poverty.

International Editorial
Do Not Read This Editorial While Walking
March 17, 2018
A California town has outlawed using smartphones while crossing the street — a move that could save lives.
Kris Kobach’s Voting Sham Gets Exposed in Court
March 17, 2018
In a Kansas courtroom, the nation’s leading vote suppressors are being revealed for the con artists they are.
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