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US child migrants: Melania calls for end to Trump's separation policy
June 17, 2018
The US first lady says she "hates to see" hundreds of child migrants separated from their parents.

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Pro-business candidate wins Colombian presidential election
June 17, 2018
BOGOTA (Reuters) - Right-wing candidate Ivan Duque won Colombia's presidential election on Sunday, beating leftist Gustavo Petro in a victory that reassured investors but raised the prospect of changes to a landmark peace accord with Marxist rebels.
U.S. bombs Syrian positions, Syrian military source tells state media
June 17, 2018
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian state media, citing a military source, reported early on Monday that U.S.-led coalition aircraft had bombed "one of our military positions" in eastern Syria, leading to deaths and injuries.
Eid ceasefire proved 'wide support' for Afghan Taliban, they say
June 17, 2018
KABUL (Reuters) - The Afghan Taliban said their three-day Eid ceasefire, which ends on Sunday, proved the unity of their movement and its "wide national support" as the presidential palace extended its own ceasefire with the militants by 10 days.
In coalition showdown, Merkel allies to decide on migrant plan
June 17, 2018
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU), will decide on Monday whether to defy her by implementing a plan to limit immigration at the German border and risk destabilizing her three-month-old coalition.
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U.S. Auto Makers Are Putting Smaller Engines Into Big Trucks So They Guzzle Less Gas
June 17, 2018
Big U.S. car makers are standing by many recent tech innovations to increase fuel efficiency, including smaller engines for pickup trucks, even as the Trump administration moves to relax gas-mileage standards.
Conflicting Forces Pull at Trump on Nafta
June 17, 2018
President Donald Trump’s quarrel with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could signal a U.S. intent to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, but there are incentives to keep negotiating.
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This Retired Astronaut Says SpaceX and NASA Rockets ‘Will Never Go to Mars’
June 17, 2018
He compared the prospect to trying to cross an ocean in a canoe.
Inside the Jail Where Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Is Being Held
June 17, 2018
Paul Manafort's parole was revoked Friday. He's now behind bars in Virginia.
Citibank Fined $100 Million for Manipulating Key Global Interest Rate
June 16, 2018
The decade-long LIBOR saga continues.
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European markets close lower after ECB-fueled rally; Rolls-Royce up 8%
June 15, 2018
European shares closed lower Friday afternoon as investors paused for breath.
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European markets close lower after ECB-fueled rally; Rolls-Royce up 8%
June 15, 2018
European shares closed lower Friday afternoon as investors paused for breath.
Stocks cut losses as Wall Street shrugs off trade-war fears
June 15, 2018
Stocks slashed losses to close well off the lows of the day as investor worries about a U.S.-China trade war decreased.
US Treasury yields fall as trade tensions resurface
June 15, 2018
U.S. government debt prices rose on the final trading day of the week.
Dollar shaky as China trade worries weigh
June 15, 2018
The U.S. dollar slipped against the Japanese yen on Friday.
Asian markets close cautiously mixed ahead of expected US tariffs
June 15, 2018
Asian markets closed mixed ahead of the expected unveiling of U.S. tariffs targeting China.
US crude tumbles 2.7%, settling at $65.06, as the market braces for rise in OPEC output
June 15, 2018
Two of the world's biggest producers, Saudi Arabia and Russia, indicated they were prepared to increase output.
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UK economists look to industrial revolution for productivity hint
June 17, 2018
As business replaces cheap labour with machines are there lessons from history?
EM crisis clashes with Fed hawkishness
June 17, 2018
Emerging markets currency crash has left Fed chairman Powell unmoved

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The Singapore Summit’s Uncertain Legacy
June 16, 2018

Donald Trump’s depiction of his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a great success that solved the nuclear problem could make it tougher to maintain international support for the economic sanctions that are still needed to pressure Kim. Weakening the prospect of achieving one's goals is not the mark of a strong negotiator.

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