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Why is the Fed pumping money into the banking system?
September 19, 2019
The US central bank has pumped more than $200bn into the financial markets this week. Should we worry?
Economic News
Japan Overall Nationwide Inflation Slows To 0.3% In August
September 19, 2019
Overall nationwide consumer prices in Japan were up just 0.3 percent on year in August, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said on Friday.
Japan Inflation Data Due On Friday
September 19, 2019
Japan is scheduled to release August numbers for consumer prices, highlighting a modest day for Asia-Pacific economic activity.
South Africa Holds Rate Steady After July Cut
September 19, 2019
South Africa's central bank left its key interest rate unchanged in September, as expected, after cutting it by a quarter-point in July.
U.S. Leading Economic Index Remains Unchanged In August
September 19, 2019
The Conference Board released a report on Thursday showing its reading on leading U.S. economic indicators came in unchanged in the month of August.
U.S. Existing Home Sales Unexpectedly Show Continued Jump In August
September 19, 2019
Citing falling mortgage rates, the National Association of Realtors released a report on Thursday showing an unexpected jump in U.S. existing home sales in the month of August. NAR said existing home sales surged up by 1.3 percent to an annual rate of 5.49 million in August after spiking by 2.5 percent to a rate of 5.42 million in July.
Norges Bank Unexpectedly Raises Key Interest Rate
September 19, 2019
Norway's central bank raised its key interest rate in September, while it was expected to leave it unchanged after policymakers pointed to growing uncertainty in August due to the worsening global risk outlook. After the Executive Board of the Norges Bank raised the key interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.50 percent on Thursday, the bank signaled that there are unlikely to be more hikes in the
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ECONOMY • Analysis
As Amazon Burns, Brazil Environment Chief Rejects the Global Narrative
September 20, 2019
At the U.N General Assembly, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro plans to address concerns about deforestation, the Amazon fires and economic development in his country. WSJ’s Jason Bellini previewed the topics with Brazilian Environment Minister Ricardo Salles. Photo: Getty

Economic Analysis

Thomas Piketty's New Book: Impressive Research, Problematic Solutions
September 19, 2019
Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century blended history, statistics, and theory. Capital and Ideology , [1] his new magnum opus, is long enough (1,200 pages) to lump together several books: a quantitative history of inequality through time and space, from medieval Europe and ancient...
Economic Research
Growth is taking a dangerous downward turn
September 19, 2019
by Laurence Boone, OECD Chief Economist For over 18 months, since the outbreak of trade hostilities, growth has been weakening, slowly but surely. In May 2018 the OECD, along with other organisations, was predicting global growth of around 4% for 2019, whereas our current forecasts are for growth of below 3%. In the first half … More Growth is taking a dangerous downward turn
Economic Review
Economic Views
Five Centuries after Magellan, Globalization Needs to Grow Up—and Fast
September 20, 2019
Ferdinand Magellan did not intend to circumnavigate the globe when he departed Spain five hundred
Keeping Our Edge: Restoring Federal Funding for Research and Development
September 19, 2019
This post is based on some of the findings of the CFR-spon
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ECONOMY • Outlook
Most Europeans see China's 'aggressive' trade practices as an economic threat, survey shows
September 20, 2019
With a population of more than 1.3 billion, the Chinese market is already a huge source of revenue for companies around the world — but the state's economic policies have faced heavy criticism.
'The era of economic surrender is over,' says Mike Pence on trade with China
September 20, 2019
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday struck an unyielding tone on America's position in its trade war with China.
'There's too much pressure on monetary policy,' says Philippine central bank governor
September 20, 2019
The responsibility to boost economic activity is not the central bank's alone, said Benjamin Diokno, governor of the Philippine central bank.
Economic Perspectives
The EU is in the US trade war crosshairs. It should further raise its game
September 19, 2019
The incoming European Commission faces a dilemma on the transatlantic trade relationship, because of the unpredictable policies of the Trump administration. The EU must rally its citizens; the greater the divides between member states and EU institutions, the lesser the chances are of forging effective policies toward the United States and China.
Economic Climate
ifo Institute: Economic Experts Fear Tariff War Will Shrink World Trade
May 10, 2019
International economic experts fear that the tariff war between the US, China, and Europe will lead to a decline in world trade. This is the result of the World Economic Survey conducted by the ifo Institute among 1,130 economists worldwide. When asked to name the most significant consequence of the higher tariffs, the predominant answer was “less trade.”
Economic Outlook
Digital Currencies: The Rise of Stablecoins
September 19, 2019
By Tobias Adrian and Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli Español, Português A battle is raging for your wallet. New entrants want to occupy the space once used by paper bills or your debit card. The adoption of new, digital payment methods could bring significant benefits to customers and society: improved efficiency, greater competition, broader [...]
World Economic Outlook Report
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ECONOMY • Opinions
The Fed must be ready for trouble not normality
September 20, 2019
Economic conditions and market hiccups do not allow complacency
Economic Comment
Argentina Needs Intensive Care
September 20, 2019
Ukraine Gets Its Chance
September 19, 2019
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ECONOMY • Insights
David Cameron is Britain’s most disliked politician
September 18, 2019
His memoir, published this week, is unlikely to win people over
Why the Fed was forced to intervene in short-term money markets
September 18, 2019
The repo rate spiked in an alarming echo of the financial crisis
Who is winning the race for Westminster?
September 18, 2019
See which parties British voters plan to support
Changing weather could put insurance firms out of business
September 17, 2019
Climate issue: The cost of comprehensive cover could become exorbitant, even as it is needed more than ever
Why WeWork doesn’t work yet
September 17, 2019
The office-sharing company has postponed its IPO
The drone strikes in Saudi Arabia spook oil markets
September 16, 2019
But prices are still below their peak for the year
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ECONOMY • Forecast
BP Forced to Sell Assets to Appease the European Climate Hysteria
September 19, 2019
COMMENT: This morning blog question. I concur with ROM. Here’s a perfect example. BP has just sold all its oil and gas assets in Alaska to cut its carbon footprint in order to be consistent with the Paris Accord. This is a needless sale of assets caused by an ‘Act of Extortion-The Paris Accord’ against […]
Economic Projections
Global Economic Projections for 2018-2028 | The Conference Board
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