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Biden rallies western allies in global ‘contest’ against autocrats
June 13, 2021
Leaders of democracies pushed to use financial strength to challenge China’s rise
Johnson accuses EU of infringing on ‘UK integrity’ over N Ireland
June 13, 2021
British leader’s swipe exacerbates dispute with EU over protocol he signed as part of Brexit deal
Post-Covid data needs careful handling
June 13, 2021
Economic data about the strength of the recovery partly reflect ‘base effects’

Economic News
New Zealand Manufacturing Index Accelerates In May - BusinessNZ
June 10, 2021
The manufacturing sector in New Zealand continued to expand in May, and at a faster pace, the latest survey from BusinessNZ revealed on Friday with a Performance of Manufacturing Index score of 58.6.
New Zealand Manufacturing PMI On Tap For Friday
June 10, 2021
New Zealand will on Friday see May results for the Performance of Manufacturing Index from BusinessNZ, highlighting a light day for Asia-Pacific economic activity. In April, the index score was 58.4.
South Korea Export Prices Rise 12.3% On Year In May
June 10, 2021
Export prices in South Korea were up 12.3 percent on year in May, the Bank of Korea said on Friday - up from 11.1 in April.
ECB Lifts Growth Forecasts, Sees Underlying Inflation 'Subdued'
June 10, 2021
The European Central Bank on Thursday raised Eurozone growth forecasts for this year and next and said the risks to the outlook were balanced.
U.S. Consumer Prices Rise 0.6% In May, More Than Expected
June 10, 2021
A highly anticipated report released by the Labor Department on Thursday showed consumer prices in the U.S. increased by more than expected in the month of May. The Labor Department said its consumer price index rose by 0.6 percent in May after climbing by 0.8 percent in April. Economists had expected consumer prices to increase by 0.4 percent.
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ECONOMY • Analysis
Uneven vaccination rates are creating a new economic divide
June 13, 2021
They may also stoke fears of a new taper tantrum
Social media are turbocharging the export of America’s political culture
June 12, 2021
Movements like Black Lives Matter have spread as far as Hungary, Nigeria and South Korea
Economic Analysis

Economists are slightly better at predicting inflation than consumers
June 10, 2021
The jump in consumer price index (CPI) inflation in April 2021—to 4.2 percent over the previous 12 months—has sparked numerous stories in the press about the potential inflationary impact of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s American Rescue Plan and his proposed American Jobs Plan and American...
Economic Research
Economic Views
U.S. Leadership in Space: A Conversation With General John Raymond
June 10, 2021
General John Raymond discusses the establishment of the U.S. Space Force, current and potential national security threats in outer space, and areas of cooperation between the United States and both foreign allies and private-sector organizations.
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ECONOMY • Outlook
European stocks close higher as traders shrug off inflation fears; Deutsche Bank down 1.7%
June 11, 2021
European markets climbed to record highs on Friday as traders shrugged off a sharp rise in U.S. inflation, with many strategists believing it to be transitory.
From green energy to cybersecurity, Citi names 'unstoppable trends' that investors can jump on
June 11, 2021
From green energy to equal access in education and technology, these areas are "unstoppable" and going to have unusual growth in the next decade, Citi says.
G-20 GDP returns to pre-pandemic levels, with China seeing a massive rebound
June 10, 2021
The Group of 20 economies saw gross domestic product return to pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2021.
G-7 summit: Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know
June 10, 2021
Group of Seven leaders are about hold a three-day summit in the U.K., with an agenda likely to include climate, trade, pandemic recovery, Russia and China.
Economic Perspectives
Relaunching transatlantic cooperation with a carbon border adjustment mechanism
June 11, 2021
The best way for the EU and the US to jointly introduce carbon border adjustment would be to form a ‘climate club’.
[LIVE] A transatlantic climate alliance
June 11, 2021
When Joe Biden visits Europe for the first time as US president, he should begin forging a transatlantic green deal.
Economic Outlook
Getting Back to Growth
June 10, 2021
By Lone Engbo Christiansen, Ashique Habib, Margaux MacDonald, and Davide Malacrino عربي, Español, 日本語, Português, Русский Producing and consuming more goods and services for the same amount of work sounds too good to be true. In fact, it’s entirely possible. Higher productivity is one of the key ingredients to higher economic growth and incomes. It’s all [...]
World Economic Outlook Report
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ECONOMY • Opinions
A Global Tax Deal for the Rich, Not the Poor
June 11, 2021

Despite the recent G7 agreement on corporate taxation, global leadership requires going beyond national interests to ensure that all countries have sufficient resources to develop healthier post-pandemic economies. This will require addressing the developing world’s demands in a way that is not only historic, but also fair.

Vaccines for All or Vaccine Apartheid?
June 11, 2021

The G7 summit in Cornwall will determine who is vaccinated against COVID-19 and safe and who remains unvaccinated and at risk. Rich-country leaders may be tempted to share excess vaccines rather than finance the extra costs of global immunization, but this will not be enough.

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Economic Projections
Global Economic Projections for 2013-2021 | The Conference Board
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The air taxi market prepares to take flight
June 11, 2021
Electric air mobility is gaining elevation. But there's going to be some turbulence ahead.
Extra Crunch roundup: EU insurtech, 30 years of ‘Crossing the Chasm,’ embedded finance’s endgame
June 11, 2021
This morning, Anna Heim and Alex Wilhelm dug into the EU insurtech market, interviewing European VCs and collating the biggest recent rounds to take the temperature of the waters across the pond.
5 questions startups should consider before making their first marketing hire
June 11, 2021
Your first marketer will have an outsized impact on team dynamics as well as the overall strategic direction of the brand, product and company.
Despite flat growth, ride-hailing colossus Didi’s US IPO could reach $70B
June 11, 2021
Didi filed to go public in the United States last night, providing a look into how the Chinese ride-hailing company's business weathered the pandemic.
Despite flat growth, ride-hailing colossus Didi’s US IPO could reach $70B
June 11, 2021
Didi filed to go public in the United States last night, providing a look into how the Chinese ride-hailing company's business weathered the pandemic.

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STARTUP • Business
Life is Strange: True Colors uses empathy as a superpower
June 13, 2021
At the all-digital E3 today, Square Enix showed a deeper dive into Life is Strange: True Colors, the latest in the Life is Stranger series.
Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise is super-edgy and hard
June 13, 2021
The rumors are true. Final Fantasy: Origin is real. Square Enix revealed the spin-off during its E3 presentation today.
Venture Deals
Kurome Therapeutics Closes $15M Series A
June 11, 2021
CINCINNATI, OH, Kurome Therapeutics has closed a $15 million Series A financing. The round was co-led by Medicxi and Affinity Asset Advisors.
Stoke Scores $15.5M in Series A Funding
June 11, 2021
PALO ALTO, CA, Stoke has raised $15.5 million in a series A round of funding led by Battery Ventures.
AllyAlign Health Receives Investment
June 11, 2021
RICHMOND, VA, AllyAlign Health announced a new investment in the company led by New Enterprise Associates.
Phase Four Closes $26M in Series B
June 11, 2021
EL SEGUNDO, CA, Phase Four has closed a Series B investment round of $26 million led by New Science Ventures.
Slintel Raises $20M in Series A
June 11, 2021
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Slintel, a leader in B2B buyer intelligence, has raised $20 million in Series A funding led by GGV Capital.
Faire Raises $260M Series F Round
June 10, 2021
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Faire today announced the closing of $260 million in a Series F investment round.
Venture Capital
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STARTUP • Trends
Bethesda’s Starfield is launching exclusively on Xbox and PC on November 11th, 2022
June 13, 2021

We’re finally getting a look at Starfield today, Bethesda’s first new unique universe in more than 25 years. Starfield, as the name implies, is set in space, and a new teaser trailer reveals it will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11th, 2022. The trailer first leaked over at The Washington Post just minutes before Microsoft’s Xbox + Bethesda event.

While there isn’t much much gameplay shown in the trailer, Bethesda describes the game as something where “you’ll be who you want, go where you want.” It’s focused on a last group of explorers in space, and Bethesda is opening up a teaser site today that will provide more information about Starfield.

Starfield universe.

A separate video, also p...

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Technology Trends
Internet Trends
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STARTUP • Insights
TaskUs founders' path to Nasdaq started with high school parties and Argentina yogurt venture
June 11, 2021
TaskUs debuted on the Nasdaq on Friday, and the customer support outsourcing company was valued at $2.8 billion after its IPO pop.
Startup Insights
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