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US removes stumbling block to global deal on digital tax
February 26, 2021
Biden administration drops insistence on ‘safe harbour’ for companies, opening door to deal
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February 26, 2021
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The potential pitfalls of economic growth
February 26, 2021
If inflation soars ahead, the Biden administration will become an easy target

Economic News
Chicago Business Barometer Pulls Back More Than Expected In February
February 26, 2021
MNI Indicators released a report on Friday showing a bigger than expected slowdown in the pace of growth in Chicago-area business activity in the month of February. The report said MNI Indicators' Chicago business barometer dropped to 59.5 in February after jumping to a more than two-year high of 63.8 in January.
U.S. Personal Income Spikes 10.0% In January Due To Stimulus Checks
February 26, 2021
Primarily reflecting the $600 stimulus checks included in the last coronavirus relief bill, the Commerce Department released a report on Friday showing U.S. personal income skyrocketed in the month of January. The Commerce Department said personal income spiked by 10.0 percent in January after rising by 0.6 percent in December.
U.S. Personal Income Spikes 10.0% In January
February 26, 2021
Reflecting an increase in government benefits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commerce Department released a report on Friday showing U.S. personal income skyrocketed in the month of January.
Finland Growth Slowed Less Than Estimated In Q4
February 26, 2021
Finland's economic expansion slowed less than estimated but sharply, in the fourth quarter of 2020, amid a resurgence in the coronavirus infections across Europe.
Poland GDP Contracts As Initially Estimated In Q4
February 26, 2021
Poland's economy contracted in the fourth quarter due to the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, after a strong rebound in the third quarter, preliminary estimate from the statistical office showed on Friday.
Economic Highlights
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ECONOMY • Analysis
Can China’s new carbon market take off?
February 27, 2021
A decade in the making, its emissions-trading system is now live
Why the sacking of Petrobras’s boss spooked markets
February 27, 2021
It suggests that in Brazil liberal reforms are falling further down the agenda
Economic Analysis

Inflation fears and the Biden stimulus: Look to the Korean War, not Vietnam
February 25, 2021
The debate among economists over the size of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus package has drawn attention to past cases of inflation spurred by big government spending. Both sides have cited the Vietnam War of the 1960s as a precedent of an outbreak of inflation that...
Economic Research
Fighting crime: OECD calls on countries to crack down on the professionals enabling tax and white collar crimes
February 23, 2021
Countries should increase efforts to detect and deter the activities of professionals who enable tax evasion and other financial crimes. A new report, Ending the Shell Game: Cracking down on the Professionals who enable Tax and White Collar Crimes, explores the strategies and actions that countries can take against such white collar crimes.
Economic Views
World Economic Update
February 10, 2021
The World Economic Update highlights the quarter’s most important and emerging trends. Discussions cover changes in the global marketplace with special emphasis on current economic events and their implications for U.S. policy. This series is presented by the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies and is dedicated to the life and work of the distinguished economist Martin Feldstein.
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ECONOMY • Outlook
South Africa’s government says it’s not fixated on austerity. But analysts are unconvinced
February 26, 2021
It was tipped as the most crucial budget statement in the history of a democratic South Africa.
Trading tax hike won't harm competitiveness of Hong Kong's stock market, says financial secretary
February 26, 2021
Hong Kong's Financial Secretary Paul Chan said on Wednesday that the government will raise the stamp duty paid on listed stock trades from 0.1% to 0.13%.
European stocks slip lower, following global market dip on bond yield jitters
February 26, 2021
European stocks retreated on Friday, as markets are roiled by a spike in bond yields, which sent investors fleeing highly valued segments of the market.
China's economy could double in size by 2035 — and surpass the U.S. along the way
February 26, 2021
China would surpass the U.S. as the world's largest economy around 2027-2028, said an economist from the Bank of America.
Economic Perspectives
How is the G20 tackling debt problems of the poorest countries?
February 25, 2021
The G20 Debt Service Standstill Initiative, although a partial success, has been dogged by competing interests and lack of coordination. A further push is needed to solve the coordination problem.
Can central banks save the planet?
February 24, 2021
“We are not going to lead our society to a low-carbon economy by continuing to finance the status quo. “
Economic Outlook
The Great Divergence: A Fork in the Road for the Global Economy
February 24, 2021
By Kristalina Georgieva عربي, 中文, Español, 日本語, Русский  As G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meet virtually this week, the world continues to climb back from the worst recession in peacetime since the Great Depression. The IMF recently projected global GDP growth at 5.5 per cent this year and 4.2 per cent in 2022. [...]
World Economic Outlook Report
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ECONOMY • Opinions
An Open Letter to Joe Biden on International Corporate Taxation
February 26, 2021

For too long, international institutions have failed to address one of the most toxic aspects of globalization: tax avoidance and evasion by multinational corporations. Fair taxation of multinationals must be a central part of any tax system aimed at driving economic growth and creating high living standards for all.

Pulling Up the Inflation Anchor
February 25, 2021

Rather than worrying about the prospects of higher long-term expected inflation, the US Federal Reserve is exuding confidence that it can maintain price stability should the need ever arise. It should think again, before the inflation genie has escaped from the bottle.

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ECONOMY • Insights

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ECONOMY • Forecast

Economic Projections
Global Economic Projections for 2013-2021 | The Conference Board
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DigitalOcean’s IPO filing shows a two-class cloud market
February 25, 2021
This morning DigitalOcean, a provider of cloud computing services to SMBs, filed to go public. The company intends to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “DOCN.” DigitalOcean’s offering comes amidst a hot streak for tech IPOs, and valuations that are stretched by historical norms. The cloud hosting company was […]
Crypto company Anchorage raises $80 million after getting federal banking charter
February 25, 2021
Anchorage has raised an $80 million Series C funding round led by GIC, also known as Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund. Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Capital, Lux and Indico are also participating in today’s funding round. The thinking behind this funding round is quite simple. Some companies, such as Tesla or Square, have recently chosen to invest […]
Stoke Space aims to take reusable rockets to new heights with $9M seed
February 25, 2021
Many launch providers think reusability is the best way to lower the cost and delay involved in getting to space. SpaceX and Rocket Lab have shown reusable first stages, which take a payload to the edge of space — and now Stoke Space Technologies says it is making a reusable second stage, which will take […]
Foresite Capital raises $969 million fund to invest in healthcare startups across all stages of growth
February 25, 2021
Health and life science specialist investment firm Foresite Capital has raised a new fund, its fifth to date, totaling $969 million in commitments from LPs. This is the firm’s largest fund to date and was oversubscribed relative to its original target according to fund CEO and founder Dr. Jim Tananbaum, who told me that while […]
Five takeaways from Coinbase’s S-1
February 25, 2021
This morning I want to dig more deeply into Coinbase's user numbers, its asset mix, its growing subscription incomes, its competitive landscape and who owns what in the company.

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STARTUP • Business
Pokémon Legends: Arceus is giving the series a glowup in 2022
February 26, 2021
The Pokémon series is getting a major upgrade that will rework its fundamental gameplay with Pokémon Legends: Arceus in 2022.
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming to Switch
February 26, 2021
Today's Pokémon Presents event revealed that remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are on their way to Switch.
Venture Deals
Medisafe Raises $30M Series C Financing
February 25, 2021
BOSTON, MA, Medisafe, a leading digital therapeutics company creating digital drug companions, has raised $30 million in Series C funding.
Levitate Adds $8M to Series B Round
February 25, 2021
RALEIGH, NC, Levitate has added $8 million of funding to their Series B round, bringing total fundraising to $20 million. Scores $50M Series B Financing Round
February 25, 2021
LOS ALTOS, CA, Today announced that it has raised $50 million in a Series B financing round.
Redox Grabs $45M Series D Funding
February 25, 2021
MADISON, WI, Redox, the company making healthcare data useful, today announced it has raised $45 million in Series D funding.
Newsela Raises $100M Series D Round
February 25, 2021
NEW YORK, NY, Leading K-12 instructional content platform Newsela announced today a $100 million Series D investment.
Cullgen Completes $50M Series B Financing
February 25, 2021
SAN DIEGO, CA, Cullgen today announced that it has closed a $50 million Series B financing (assuming exercise of warrant).
Venture Capital
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STARTUP • Trends
LG Stylo 6 review: great stylus features, sketchy performance
February 26, 2021

Its built-in stylus is useful and enjoyable, but the Stylo 6 is too slow to recommend

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Technology Trends
Internet Trends
LA’s light rail extension could help revitalize neighborhoods and improve air quality
February 26, 2021

This article was originally published by Christopher Carey on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today News. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has granted the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) a Record of Decision for its East San Fernando Valley light rail transit project, certifying that the scheme has satisfied federal guidelines for environmental analysis. The decision paves the way for the authority to seek federal funding for the design and construction…

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STARTUP • Insights
Coinbase prospectus lacks key trading details for investors who want in on the direct listing
February 26, 2021
In Coinbase's direct listing prospectus on Thursday, the company provided almost no indication about how private investors value the stock.
Startup Insights
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