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By in America on October 6, 2016
Foreign students in US: Trump administration drops deportation plans
July 14, 2020
Foreign students had been told they were at risk if their classes moved online during the pandemic.
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Unexpected Decisions, Unlikely Alliances Mark Supreme Court Term
July 10, 2020
The Supreme Court’s recently concluded term bolstered the arguments of those who said the justices would rise above partisan tensions.
Advertisers Flee Facebook Amid Progressive-Led Boycott
July 3, 2020
The social media giant has long been losing young and progressive users. Now those users have persuaded advertisers to join them.
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Chris Hayes: RNC mess exemplifies Trump’s coronavirus failures
July 15, 2020
Chris Hayes: “Donald Trump wants to just pretend the virus does not exist, and he is willing to risk infecting his most loyal supporters for the brief rush of serotonin that an arena of cheering, adoring fans will give him.”
'Asinine’: Fmr. RNC chairman derides GOP plan to hold outdoor convention in Jacksonville
July 14, 2020
President Donald Trump and Republican officials are preparing for the possibility of a fully outdoor convention in Jacksonville, Florida, next month as coronavirus cases in the state shatter records, according to two GOP officials involved in the planning
Jeff Sessions tries to call a truce with Trump; Trump calls him a mistake, rips him on Twitter
July 14, 2020
President Donald Trump looms large in the Republican runoff for Senate in Alabama, where Jeff Sessions faces off against Trump endorsed Tommy Tuberville. But it’s looking like a grudge match between the former Attorney General and the president.