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By in Asia on August 2, 2016
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Donald Trump risks undermining the coalition he built against North Korea
May 25, 2018

TO DESCRIBE Moon Jae-in’s expression as “ashen-faced” would be an understatement. In a photograph released by his office early on May 25th, South Korea’s president (pictured, centre) looked a decade older than his 65 years. The downward turn of his lips suggested that he might be about to cry. The picture was taken at an emergency meeting Mr Moon had been forced to convene late the previous night after Donald Trump, America’s president, suddenly decided to cancel his planned summit with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator, in Singapore next month.

The next day Mr Moon’s office released a decidedly jollier picture, of Mr Moon shaking hands with Mr Kim, during impromptu talks at the border between North and South Korea, aimed at resuscitating the summit with Mr Trump. The surprise meeting was itself historic, being only the fourth time leaders of the two countries have met. It also suggests that the cancellation of the summit might itself be cancelled soon. After all, the North...Continue reading