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Cyclone Nisarga: Storm set to hit Covid-ravaged Mumbai
June 2, 2020
Powerful Cyclone Nisarga is likely to make landfall near India's financial capital on Wednesday.
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Countermeasures promised if HK privileges withdrawn
June 1, 2020
CHINA said yesterday US attempts to harm Chinese interests will be met with firm countermeasures, criticizing a US decision to begin ending special treatment for Hong Kong as well as actions against Chinese
Japan News
Tokyo issues coronavirus alert after 34 new daily cases reported
June 2, 2020
“The purpose of this alert is to make residents aware of our precarious situation and urge them to be cautious,” Gov. Yuriko Koike says during ...
Toranomon Hills Station revealed ahead of opening
June 2, 2020
Tokyo Metro expects that the station will serve some 80,000 users daily as it is close to areas where many redevelopment projects are underway.
India News
Industry must tap world’s trust in India: PM
June 2, 2020
PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday invoked “trust and reliability” to urge domestic industry to manufacture products for the international markets and be part of the global supply chain, while suggesting that this could turn out to be the mantra for getting back on the path towards faster growth.
'People above 60 accounts for 50% Covid deaths'
June 2, 2020
The elderly, who constitute 10% of India’s population, accounted for over 50% of the country’s Covid-19 deaths, the government said on Tuesday. Besides, 73% of Covid-19 deaths were among those with co-morbidities, the health ministry said, arguing that India was able to manage Covid-19 treatment and reduce deaths better than many other countries.
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Testing Is Key to Beating Coronavirus, Right? Japan Has Other Ideas
June 2, 2020
The country has reported fewer deaths than other major nations and ended a state of emergency even while maintaining a low testing rate.
Global Anger Grows Over George Floyd Death, and Becomes an Anti-Trump Cudgel
June 2, 2020
Public outcries over racism in the United States erupted from Addis Ababa to Vancouver. China and Iran, criticized on human rights by the Trump administration, called the killing of Mr. Floyd a symbol of American hypocrisy.
News Analysis
North Korea eases coronavirus lockdown because even totalitarian states need trade
June 2, 2020
The country may have been spared the worst of the pandemic, but it hasn’t escaped the economic pain.
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Poorer countries need long-term economic help
June 2, 2020
International support has staved off a financial crisis, but should go much further
Poorer countries need long-term economic help
June 2, 2020
International support has staved off a financial crisis, but should go much further
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Japan jumps 2% as optimism over reopening economies buoys investor sentiment in Asia
June 3, 2020
Economies start to reopen as authorities ease coronavirus-induced lockdown measures, which continue to keep investor sentiment afloat.
Dr. Anthony Fauci says there's a chance coronavirus vaccine may not provide immunity for very long
June 3, 2020
If Covid-19 acts like other coronaviruses, "it likely isn't going to be a long duration of immunity," Dr. Fauci warns.
George Floyd protests threaten New York's coronavirus progress: 'Covid still kills,' Gov. Cuomo says
June 2, 2020
New coronavirus hospitalizations across the state hit an all-time low since the beginning of the outbreak at a three-day average of 154 on Monday, according to a chart Cuomo presented on Tuesday.
Doctors have tips to reduce the risk of catching the coronavirus during George Floyd protests
June 2, 2020
While protesters can't completely eliminate the risk of illness from coronavirus, they can take steps to decrease the chances of spreading Covid-19 infections.
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Take That Trump, Xi Wants New Free Trade City
June 2, 2020
Peace. Love. Surf. And a flat tax. China moves to suck up more global corporate dollars in preparation for a U.S. decoupling.
Computers Told Taiwan’s Leaders They Could Sink Less Than Half Of A Chinese Invasion Fleet. Now Taipei’s Shopping For New Missiles.
June 2, 2020
The acquisition of Harpoon missiles accelerates the evolution of Taiwan’s war strategy as it seeks to become an 'undigestable porcupine' for China.
China’s New High-Security Compound In Pakistan May Indicate Naval Plans
June 2, 2020
Analysts have been watching for the first signs of a long-expected Chinese naval base at Gwadar in Pakistan. A substantial heavily defended compound may be a leading indicator of the port's expansion.
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Sensex, Nifty Extend Gains For Fifth Day Despite Moody's Downgrade
June 2, 2020
Indian shares posted strong gains on Tuesday as optimism over gradual easing of the lockdown curbs coupled with positive cues from global markets on hopes for economic recovery helped investors brush off Moody's first rating downgrade for India in 22 years. The benchmark S&P BSE Sensex jumped 522.01...-- Delivered by Feed43 service
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CAD, MAS and Acra open joint probe into Hyflux
June 2, 2020
THE Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of the Singapore Police Force, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (Acra) have launched a joint investigation into Hyflux and its current and former directors for suspected false and misleading statements and breaches of disclosure requirements under the Securities and Futures Act, as well as non-compliance with accounting standards under the Companies Act.
CSE Global net profit up 23.1% to S$7m in Q1
June 2, 2020
CSE Global has posted a net profit of S$7.1 million in the first quarter, up 23.1 per cent from the same period a year earlier, on higher takings from the Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions.
Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services to acquire PT Vallianz Offshore Maritim's debts
June 2, 2020
OFFSHORE support vessel (OSV) owner-operator Vallianz Holdings said on Tuesday that Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services (RVOS) has agreed to acquire all the debts owed by associate PT Vallianz Offshore Maritim (PTVOM) to Caterpillar Financial Services Asia and Caterpillar Financial Australia.
SIA rights shares fully subscribed; Temasek to mop up bulk of MCBs
June 2, 2020
THE rights issue of shares by Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been fully subscribed, though shareholders were less keen to participate in the rights issue of mandatory convertible bonds (MCBs), application results out on Tuesday showed.
Singapore shares rise on optimism over reopening of economies
June 2, 2020
SINGAPORE shares ended the day higher on Tuesday, with the Straits Times Index (STI) advancing 2.4 per cent or 60.77 points to 2,611.63.
Great Eastern offers 1,000 vacancies for agents, over 300 for trainees and interns
June 2, 2020
GREAT Eastern Holdings is offering vacancies, traineeships and internships to give job seekers, graduates and students opportunities amid the economic and employment uncertainty brought about by Covid-19, it said on Tuesday.
Forex Markets
China’s Shot Across The Bows Ignored
June 2, 2020
China’s instruction to state-owned produce buyers to halt purchases of US soybean and pork caused
Trump Tenderness, China’s Caixin, Boost Asia
June 1, 2020
  Asia is off to a rollicking start to the week with equities performing strongly and currency markets
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No pay rise for Hong Kong’s civil servants for first time in more than a decade amid coronavirus-induced economic slump
June 2, 2020
Hong Kong’s 180,000 public sector employees will not get a pay rise this year as the government is dealing with an “unprecedentedly poor economic situation” because of the coronavirus pandemic.The decision, reached on Tuesday at the weekly meeting of the Executive Council, the Hong Kong leader’s cabinet, reversed earlier recommendations by an official pay trend committee of salary increases of up to nearly 2 per cent for civil servants in 2020-21.Civil service unions slammed the move.It is the…
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Gay people in Myanmar have adopted a secret language
May 30, 2020
Their slang can help protect them from abuse
Military tensions mount on the India-China border
May 29, 2020
Reports of Chinese incursions into India raise tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours
China’s “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy gamble
May 28, 2020
Foreign policy is not like an action film
Asian countries try to build travel “bubbles”
May 28, 2020
These will not be as carefree as they sound
Australia’s foreign-student bubble has burst
May 28, 2020
But the government is reluctant to help stricken universities
Standoffish North Korea discovers the limits of self-reliance
May 28, 2020
Economic damage is forcing it to lift a self-imposed quarantine
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