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By in Markets on March 3, 2017
SoftBank has become whale of Japan’s retail bond market
May 21, 2019
Group now responsible for more than half of all corporate and financial debt issuance
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M&G's Woolnough: Where credit's due
May 21, 2019
As global recession fears recede, investors are slowly coming round to the view that corporate bonds are worth a second look, writes Richard Woolnough, manager of the M&G Optimal Income Bond fund.
Concannon and Mueller step up to lead Eaton Vance high yield as Weilheimer retires
May 17, 2019
Eaton Vance Management has appointed Steven Concannon and Jeffrey Mueller as co-directors of its high yield arm, with Michael Weilheimer set to retire in January 2020 after 24 years as director.
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