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By in Business on September 12, 2020
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CEO of Wrangler parent says 'global casualization' will continue to dominate apparel market
August 5, 2021
Scott Baxter, CEO of Wrangler parent Kontoor Brands, told CNBC the pandemic-inspired casual clothing boom will continue to lead apparel sales.
Beyond Meat says delta variant fears and labor challenges prompt fewer restaurant orders
August 5, 2021
The Covid delta variant and labor challenges are resulting in fewer orders of Beyond Meat products from restaurants.
White House pushes for kids 12 and up to get Covid vaccine as millions return to school
August 5, 2021
President Joe Biden announced efforts to boost Covid vaccinations in children ages 12 and up as they return to school this fall. 

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Instagram scammers figured out a way to get paid for banning people
August 5, 2021
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Instagram scammers have developed a lucrative “banning” racket, according to a new report from Motherboard. For around $60, some scammers will get banned whatever Instagram account you choose, friend or foe, and often the scammers make even more money on the backend by helping the targeted users regain access to their accounts.

The process, according to interviews and material reviewed by Motherboard, involves using a verified account to impersonate a target (their name, photo, bio), and then reporting the target as an impersonator to get them banned. Apparently, as long as the target has a human in their profile picture the method works.

Motherboard writes that other users they spoke to also had...

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Amazon’s Halo band can share your heart rate to other apps and workout equipment
August 5, 2021
The three color options for the Halo Band
Image: Amazon

Amazon is updating its Halo fitness band today with the ability to share live heart rate information with third-party devices and fitness apps over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The company is currently partnered with NordicTrack for its iFit service, along with Openfit and CLMBR.

Live heart rate has been available to view since launch in the Live tab of the Halo app, but connecting it to display in other apps and devices is just as easy. Amazon says you can turn on heart rate sharing by going to the Halo app’s Settings, selecting Heart Rate Sharing, switching it to on, and then following the on-screen prompts to share your heart rate with the other app or device.

Image: Amazon
Halo live heart rate data overlaid in...

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