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By in Business on February 1, 2017
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A Viral Tweet Accused Apple’s New Credit Card of Being ‘Sexist.’ Now New York State Regulators Are Investigating
November 11, 2019
Goldman Sachs, who issues the credit card, has denied wrongdoing
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The Best of This Week
November 8, 2019
So Your CEO Was Fired. What Next? You don’t have to look far back in the headlines for examples of sudden ousters of high-profile CEOs: WeWork, Renault, Juul, and — just this week — McDonald’s. These departures have been attention-grabbing but are also part of a larger rising turnover rate for the top job within […]
How Companies Can Prepare for Sudden CEO Turnover
November 7, 2019
If it seems like CEOs are departing in droves lately — they are. The year 2018 saw the highest U.S. CEO turnover rate since the last recession, and thus far 2019 has continued to be a year of uncertainty for the top job within companies. These departures often come suddenly in high-profile, contentious situations, and […]