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By in Business on February 1, 2017
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Colt Says Its Decision to Stop Making AR-15 Rifles for Civilians Is Driven by Customers. Experts Aren’t So Sure
September 20, 2019
Experts wonder if the company was swayed by mass shootings involving the weapon
Business Insight
The Right Way to Regulate the Tech Industry
September 19, 2019
Over the past decade, tech giants have risen to become the biggest companies in the world, all while operating with little formal, structured government oversight. But this lack of oversight has come at a cost. Today’s patchwork of privacy laws and industry self-regulation lack transparency and coherence: The combination drives up the cost of innovation […]
Can We End the Crisis of Agency?
September 18, 2019
Do you feel more or less in control of the world than you did five years ago? This is a question I have been discussing with researchers, authors, executives, and others I encounter in my life as editor of MIT Sloan Management Review. You will not be surprised that the majority answer “less,” usually without […]