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By in Markets on March 5, 2017
Cryptocurrency market now worth $500 billion, more than Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway
December 13, 2017
The figure was also higher than the combined value of U.S. banks Citigroup and Wells Fargo.
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Bitcoin Heads Higher as Regulators Warn of Trouble
December 13, 2017
Despite repeated warnings from global financial regulators and professional market analysts that bitcoin is in a dangerous bubble, the price of the crypto currency continued to climb on Wednesday
Crude Oil Prices Eye EIA Inventory Data as Gold Braces for FOMC
December 13, 2017
Crude oil prices are looking to official EIA inventory flow statistics for direction while gold is bracing for the much-anticipated FOMC monetary policy announcement.
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Fed rate hikes and the Phantom Menace of inflation
December 13, 2017
With this morning's CPI report, inflation has run at a whopping 2.2% YoY. Core inflation is still under 2%. In other words, if the Fed is fighting inflation, it is a Phantom Menace.  
XE Market Analysis: North America - Dec 13, 2017
December 13, 2017
The dollar recovered its poise during the London AM session after taking a hit during the Asian session on news that a Democratic candidate won a Senate seat in the state of Alabama for the first time since 1992, which was taken as a possible threat to the implementation of the Trump agenda. EUR-USD logged a high of 1.1762, extending a rebound from yesterday's low at 1.1717, before settling to near net unchanged levels around 1.1740.
XE Market Analysis: Europe - Dec 13, 2017
December 13, 2017
USD-JPY took a 30-pip clobber on news that Democrat Doug Jones won the election for an Alabama senate seat, the first time there's been a Democratic Senate member from that state since 1992. The market narrative is that this will erode the chances for corporate-friendly legislation in the U.S., with the Republican advantage in the Senate ebbing to 51 to 49 from 52 to 48 (aside from the fact that the election result bods badly for the GOP in the mid-term elections in November 2018)) .