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By in Markets on March 5, 2017
Trade war hits Asian markets, pushing dollar to 4-week high
May 21, 2019
Signs that Asia is already feeling the pinch from a trade conflict between the United States and China pushed the U.S. dollar to a four-week high on Tuesday, while higher U.S. Treasury yields helped the move.
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Gold Price Outlook: Gold Breaches Trend-Line, Yearly Low Exposed
May 21, 2019
Gold price remains on the move as last week's flare of strength has fallen flat. Prices are now below the trend-line that's held the lows since last August.
Dow Jones Outlook: Recovery Continues, Levels to Know
May 21, 2019
US equities continue to recover after a bearish sell-off showed after the May open. But can buyers continue to drive to further recovery prior losses?
RBA Governor Signals a Cash Rate Cut - 21 May 2019
May 21, 2019
The Australian Reserve Bank signaled that is aiming for a rate cut.
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XE Market Analysis: The Australian Dollar is Wobbly after Dovish Comments from RBA
May 21, 2019
OVERVIEW The Dollar Index is near a 12-month high as the market remains cautious The British pound slides below 1.27 handle despite reassurances from PM May that her Brexit Deal contains new “significant aspects” NYMEX WTI crude up 0.65%, amidst trade and geopolitical risks
XE Market Analysis: North America - May 21, 2019
May 21, 2019
The Dollar has posted fresh trend highs against a number of currencies. The narrow trade-weighted USD index logged a four-week high at 98.12 while EUR-USD concurrently printed an an 18-day low at 1.1142, making this the seventh out of the last eight trading days that the pair has posted a new lower low. USD-JPY lifted over 30 pips in making a high at 110.31.