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‘Raise sick pay’ to lower virus health and economic risks
August 13, 2020
It would manage a "crude" trade-off between lives and jobs as the UK economy reopens, a report says.
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China Data On Tap For Friday
August 13, 2020
China is scheduled to release a raft of data on Friday, headlining a modest day for Asia-Pacific economic activity. On tap are July numbers for industrial production, retail sales, fixed asset investment, unemployment and house prices.
Portugal Q2 GDP Decline Revised To 16.3%
August 14, 2020
Portugal's economy contracted slightly less than initially estimated, but the rate of decline remained sharp, amid the severe hit from the coronavirus pandemic, latest figures from Statistics Portugal showed on Friday.
Dutch GDP Falls Most On Record On Covid-19 Impact
August 14, 2020
The Netherlands' economy shrank at a record pace in the second quarter and entered a severe recession, due to the impact of the coronavirus, or Covid-19, pandemic, preliminary estimates from the Central Bureau of Statistics showed on Friday.
Slovakia Economy In Recession In Q2
August 14, 2020
Slovakia's economy shrank further in the second quarter amid the disruption caused by the coronavirus, or Covid-19, pandemic, preliminary estimates from the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic showed on Friday.
U.S. Business Inventories Slump Slightly Less Than Expected In June
August 14, 2020
Business inventories in the U.S. showed a continued decrease in the month of June, according to a report released by the Commerce Department on Friday. The Commerce Department said business inventories slumped by 1.1 percent in June after tumbling by 2.3 percent in May. Economists had expected business inventories to decline by 1.2 percent.
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Unexpectedly Edges Higher In August
August 14, 2020
A preliminary reading released by the University of Michigan on Friday unexpectedly showed a slight improvement in U.S. consumer sentiment in the month of August. The report said the consumer sentiment index inched up to 72.8 in August from 72.5 in July. The uptick surprised economists, who had expected the index to edge down to 72.0.
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High-Stakes Arctic Race Heats Up for U.S., Russia and China
August 14, 2020
Warmer temperatures are melting Arctic ice and raising tensions as the U.S. looks to expand its presence in newly open waters. The problem: Russia and China also have growing trade, energy and military ambitions there. Photo composite: Ksenia Shaikhutdinova

Economic Analysis

US failure to renew COVID-19 stimulus threatens further economic decline and unemployment
August 12, 2020
The impasse in Congress over renewal of the expiring programs that mitigated the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to undo the stimulus effect of the programs and exacerbate the economic damage from the lockdown. President Donald Trump has issued executive orders to provide some...
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Virtual Meeting: A Conversation With Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
August 13, 2020
President Ghani discusses the challenges facing Afghanistan, the peace deal with the Taliban, and the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Virtual Meeting: Hong Kong Update—Autonomy and National Security
August 12, 2020
Panelists discuss China’s national security law and Hong Kong’s autonomy, the delayed legislative elections, and the state of the pro-democracy movement.
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ECONOMY • Outlook
As silver trades near seven-year highs, here's why investors continue to pile in
August 14, 2020
In recent weeks, the silver price has rallied to hit its highest level since 2013. Here, CNBC looks at why investors have been flocking to the precious metal and what's driving its drastic moves.
Hong Kong cuts GDP forecast for 2020 after economy contracts 9% on-year in the second quarter
August 14, 2020
Hong Kong reported its fourth consecutive quarter of year-over-year economic contraction, official statistics showed Friday.
China's purchases are 'lacking' but the U.S. is still 'happy' with trade deal, ex-White House negotiator says
August 14, 2020
The U.S.-China trade deal is just not about purchases but structural changes too, said Clete Willems, a former deputy director of the National Economic Council.
Economic Perspectives
REOPENING EUROPE – Reopening Common Good?
August 12, 2020
What should be the ground rules to support more sustainable business in a post-pandemic world?
Economic Climate
ifo Institute: Economic Experts Fear Tariff War Will Shrink World Trade
May 10, 2019
International economic experts fear that the tariff war between the US, China, and Europe will lead to a decline in world trade. This is the result of the World Economic Survey conducted by the ifo Institute among 1,130 economists worldwide. When asked to name the most significant consequence of the higher tariffs, the predominant answer was “less trade.”
Economic Outlook
Top 10 Blogs on COVID-19
August 13, 2020
By IMFBlog The pandemic has altered people’s lives in both enormous and small ways. Our editors have picked the top recent blogs that dig into the details of what COVID-19 means for people: the impact on women and the young, what it means for the food supply, and how it can increase already growing inequality, [...]
World Economic Outlook Report
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Keeping the torch of global democracy alight
August 14, 2020
Authoritarians are not necessarily gaining the upper hand
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ECONOMY • Insights
Has the ECB found a way around the lower bound on interest rates?
August 15, 2020
Its cheap loans to banks could help kickstart inflation
Blended finance is struggling to take off
August 15, 2020
Hopes that it will fill a trillion-dollar financing gap seem far-fetched
In India, gold-based finance is booming
August 15, 2020
Jewellery turns to collateral in troubled times
Should personal financial data be sent to foreign tax authorities?
August 15, 2020
Activists argue current rules favour transparency over privacy
How America’s electoral college favours white voters
August 15, 2020
A ballot cast in New Hampshire is 100,000 times likelier to tip the result than one in Washington, DC
As the lira slides, what will Turkey’s central bank do?
August 15, 2020
The authorities are desperately trying to avoid rate rises
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ECONOMY • Forecast
Protests Are Rising Worldwide Against these Lockdowns
August 14, 2020
We are starting to see ever greater protests rising up around the world. This is not just in Germany, as we are witnessing this in Canada as well as the United States. We are receiving word that on August 29th, there will also be protests in Europe and the French Yellow Vests will join in. […]
Economic Projections
Global Economic Projections for 2018-2028 | The Conference Board
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