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October 21, 2020
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Michel Barnier urges Brexit talks saying deal ‘within reach’
October 21, 2020
EU chief negotiator says both sides will need to compromise to secure agreement
UK government borrowing reaches record in first half of fiscal year
October 21, 2020
Cash requirement climbs to £246bn — nearly three times the previous high

Economic News
UK Inflation Accelerates In September
October 21, 2020
UK consumer price inflation accelerated in September as the end of the government's food discount scheme boosted restaurant and café prices, official data showed Wednesday. Inflation rose to 0.5 percent from a near five-year low of 0.2 percent in August, the Office for National Statistics reported. The rate came in line with expectations.
Slovenia Output Prices Decrease In September
October 21, 2020
Slovenia's output prices fell in September, figures from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia showed on Wednesday.
Poland Retail Sales Growth Slows In September
October 21, 2020
Poland's retail sales growth eased in September, figures from Statistics Poland showed on Wednesday.
Malaysia Consumer Prices Decline In September
October 21, 2020
Malaysia's consumer prices fell in September, data from the Department of Statistics showed Wednesday.
UK Inflation Rises In September
October 21, 2020
UK consumer price inflation accelerated in September as restaurant and café prices increased, driven by the end of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, the Office for National Statistics said Wednesday.
Economic Highlights
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ECONOMY • Analysis
Why Chinese firms still flock to American stock exchanges
October 20, 2020
Washington is increasingly hostile to Chinese firms. Not Wall Street
The scandal-hit market for passports and long-term visas is booming
October 19, 2020
The urge to escape covid-19 has given it a boost
Economic Analysis

Bricks and mortar in the BRICs
October 6, 2020
The major industrial democracies in the Group of Seven (G7) bloc have had the fiscal and monetary resources to undertake major COVID-19 economic rescue programs. [1] For six months they have helped businesses stay open while providing income assistance to families in need. By contrast, most...
Economic Research
Tax challenges from digitalisation: A global two-pillar solution could increase tax revenues and support economic activity
October 20, 2020
By David Bradbury, Tibor Hanappi, Pierce O’Reilly, Ana Cinta González Cabral (OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration), Åsa Johansson, Stéphane Sorbe, Valentine Millot, Sébastien Turban (OECD Economics Department) The international corporate tax system faces growing challenges. While the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project represented an unprecedented multilateral effort to tackle profit… Read More »Tax challenges from digitalisation: A global two-pillar solution could increase tax revenues and support economic activity
Economic Views
CFR Master Class With Steven A. Cook
October 14, 2020
Steven A. Cook discusses Turkish politics. How did Turkey go from promising EU candidate to a model of authoritarian populism? What is next as Turks look forward to general elections in 2023? The CFR Master Class Series is a biweekly 45-minute session in which a CFR fellow will take a step back from the news and discuss the fundamentals essential to understanding a given country, region of the world, or issue pertaining to U.S. foreign policy or international relations.
Young Professionals Briefing: Venezuela in Crisis
October 13, 2020
Panelists discuss the situation in Venezuela, including the country’s domestic political, economic, and humanitarian situation, and the possible policy options for the United States. The CFR Young Professionals Briefing Series provides an opportunity for those early in their careers to engage with CFR. The briefings feature remarks by experts on critical global issues and lessons learned in their careers. These events are intended for individuals who have completed their undergraduate studies and have not yet reached the age of thirty to be eligible for CFR term membership. Please note only U.S. citizens are eligible for CFR membership.
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ECONOMY • Outlook
'Long Covid': These 5 factors make it more likely you'll suffer long-term from coronavirus
October 21, 2020
A new study has identified the main factors that make it more likely that patients will suffer long term from the coronavirus.
European markets retreat, failing to capture U.S. stimulus optimism
October 21, 2020
European stocks slid lower on Wednesday morning as renewed optimism for the prospects of stimulus talks in the U.S. failed to materially boost sentiment.
Tighter coronavirus restrictions, not U.S. elections, are the 'biggest near term risk': UBS
October 21, 2020
"Forget about the U.S. elections or fiscal stimulus — restrictions creeping higher is the single biggest near term risk to the outlook," Arend Kapteyn of UBS wrote in a note.
A 'blue wave' in U.S. elections could bring forward Fed rate hikes, says Morgan Stanley
October 21, 2020
The first rate hike by the Federal Reserve could be brought forward from around 2024-2025 to 2023-2024, said Jim Caron, a fixed income portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
Economic Perspectives
The pandemic will structurally change the global economy more than we think
October 20, 2020
It is time to rethink many of the basic principles of our economic model to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Economic growth and income distribution implications of public spending and tax decisions
October 19, 2020
European Union countries can reduce inequality of opportunity through public spending and tax decisions. Broadly, the most effective approach includes progressive taxes and inheritance taxes, spending on education, health and public infrastructure, and better government effectiveness. Better fiscal rules and institutions also increase resilience against crises.
Economic Outlook
A Leap Forward on Cross-Border Payments
October 19, 2020
By Tobias Adrian and Kristalina Georgieva عربي, Español, Français, 日本語, Português, Русский  When paying for coffee, we swipe, tap, wave, and soon may wink—a quick and painless exchange of coffee for money. But when paying for imports or sending remittances, we often fill-out forms, wait for days, and pay—too much. Progress to improve cross-border payments has been [...]
World Economic Outlook Report
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ECONOMY • Opinions
The Arctic Comes in from the Cold
October 20, 2020

The more that global warming reduces the ice cover in the Arctic, the greater the need there will be for multilateral arrangements to govern trade, resource extraction, and other issues across the region. Without forward-looking cooperation, a zero-sum scramble will ensue, leaving everyone worse off.

The Leader the WTO Needs
October 19, 2020

With the world teetering on the brink of historic reversals of hard-won progress on reducing extreme poverty and malnutrition, combating child mortality, and extending educational opportunity, we need a trading system that works for the poor. And the World Trade Organization needs the right director-general to oversee it.

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ECONOMY • Insights

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ECONOMY • Forecast
Why No Bankers Ever go to Jail
October 21, 2020
QUESTION: Why are bankers never prosecuted? The New York courts are not trustworthy. Can you explain why this is allowed to go one all the time? SK ANSWER: It is very simple and the shareholders are the ones who are being defrauded. The banks can routinely engage in fraud all they want. The individuals are […]
Economic Projections
Global Economic Projections for 2013-2021 | The Conference Board
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