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By in Europe on September 6, 2016
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Newspaper headlines: Anti-depressant study and Brexit divisions
February 22, 2018
Thursday's papers cover the latest on taxi rapist John Worboys, Tory in-fighting over Brexit and experts endorse the use of antidepressants.
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UK News
The 5 most underrated iPhone features Apple has ever announced
February 22, 2018
Over the years, Apple fans have been treated to a heap of headline features on the iPhone. But what about the additions no one really noticed until later?
'The division has to go on': Dana White confirms Conor McGregor to be stripped of title
February 22, 2018
UFC president Dana White has confirmed that Conor McGregor will be stripped of the lightweight title with Tony Ferguson and Khabib fighting for the real belt at UFC 223.
Germany News
Angela Merkel: New German coalition deal will be good for EU
February 22, 2018
Germany has big plans for the European Union, the chancellor told parliament on the eve of a major EU meeting, but first Germany needs a new government. Still, the other parties' responses showed how divided Germany is.
German parliament to debate Deniz Yücel's articles following AfD criticism
February 22, 2018
The Bundestag is set to debate an AfD proposal urging Berlin to distance itself from journalist Deniz Yücel's prior work. The AfD's critique focuses on a 2011 satirical column about Germany's declining fertility rate.
France News
French government unveils tougher asylum rules in new bill
February 21, 2018
Emmanuel Macron’s government will on Wednesday propose toughening France’s immigration and asylum laws amid vocal criticism from human rights groups in a move that will test the unity of his left-and-right majority.
Air France strike to affect half of long-haul flights
February 21, 2018
Half of Air France's long-haul flights out of Paris Thursday will be cancelled due to a strike by pilots, cabin crew and ground staff, the carrier said.