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By in Opinions on August 6, 2020
INSIGHT • Editorials
Jewish people can be gay, so why are Orthodox schools refusing to teach kids about LGBT issues?
October 21, 2020
A group of Charedi schools face disciplinary measures from Britain’s education regulator Ofsted for refusing to teach LGBT awareness – and rightly so, as their stance is promoting discrimination. Read Full Article at
Ex-spies (and proven liars) 'deeply suspicious' of Russian involvement, based on ZERO EVIDENCE, so hush up about Hunter Biden
October 20, 2020
Former US spooks are riding to the rescue of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, banding together to dismiss the scandalous news we’ve seen over the past week about alleged corruption from Ukraine to China as a Russian plot. Read Full Article at
Fear of right-wing PragerU classroom infiltration overlooks double standard: BOTH left and right should stop brainwashing kids
October 20, 2020
An Ohio school has been dragged for ‘allowing’ a teacher to use right-wing platform PragerU in class, yet equally fact-deficient propaganda from the left gets a pass. Schools should play fair - or better, stop indoctrinating kids. Read Full Article at
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