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Trump's Next 200 Days
April 28, 2017
The White House needs far more discipline to sell tax reform.

Opinion Journal: Trump’s First 100 Days
April 25, 2017

Editorial Board Member Joe Rago grades the 45th President’s performance to date. Photo credit: Getty Images.

World Opinion
First 100 Days: Trump Runs Slap Bang Into the Constitution
April 29, 2017
Everywhere Trump looks he finds the Founders intentionally constructed hurdles.
Neil Buchanan: Trump’s Tax Talk is Gobbledegook
April 29, 2017
Trump is committed to the idea that tax cuts for the rich and corporations are the key to prosperity.
Editorial View
The Guardian view on Donald Trump: 100 days of failure | Editorial
April 28, 2017
It is no surprise dissembling has been the defining feature of his first 100 days. If he admitted the truth of his shambolic presidency, it would shorten its spanOn Saturday Donald Trump will have been in the White House for a hundred days, and he has been a disaster for American democracy. His narcissism and incompetence has allowed little time for reflection and self-correction. His megalomania is such that he views himself as hounded by “enemies of the people”. In his contract with America, candidate Trump told voters that he would “restore prosperity to our economy, security to our communities and honesty to our government”. These words, like much Mr Trump has said, have proved worthless. In terms of probity, there’s the matter of the FBI investigating whether and how the Trump campaign may have colluded with Moscow’s efforts to influence the presidential election. The ethics of the presidency are constantly called into question because Mr Trump, his family and his appointees insist upon maintaining their investments in various businesses, while at the same time conducting official US government policy. On security Mr Trump’s cruel, stupid and bigoted travel bans, which were designed to hurt and divide, have been blocked by federal courts not once but twice. Mr Trump’s rash and self-defeating campaign promise to pull the US out of Nafta, the trade agreement he once described as a “total disaster”, was dropped after Mr Trump realised that it would decimate jobs and industry in the farm belt that voted for him. One has to wonder about how a country, let alone the world’s richest, can be governed in such a way for much longer. Continue reading...
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The Climate Threat in Your Front Yard
April 28, 2017
Natural gas leaking through lawns and sidewalks traps heat with dangerous efficiency.
The Risks of Businesses Learning How Consumers Think
April 28, 2017
Companies' research into how people behave can make life more efficient -- or more onerous.
World Editorial
F.C.C. Invokes Internet Freedom While Trying to Kill It
April 29, 2017
The agency’s new chief wants to gut the net neutrality rules that keep powerful broadband companies in check....
Don’t Send 50,000 Back to Fragile Haiti
April 29, 2017
Protective immigration status is about to end for those who fled a nation still ravaged by natural disasters....
Even as President, Donald Trump Panders to the N.R.A.
April 29, 2017
Mr. Trump served up red meat to conventioneers, feeding the fear that sustains the gun lobby....
Living in the Trump Zone
April 28, 2017
We’re in a place and time where childish petulance drives policy.
On a Par 5 in Dubai, Good Humor and a Respite From All Things Trump
April 26, 2017
Oh, and there’s this yogi with a flowing white beard and golf clothes.
Zombies of Voodoo Economics
April 24, 2017
Still eating brains after all these years.
The Balloon, the Box and Health Care
April 21, 2017
It’s not surprising Republican repeal-and-replace efforts keep getting nowhere.
Coal Museum Sees the Future; Trump Doesn’t
April 19, 2017
The president is focused on prolonging a dying industry rather than on renewable energy, which is making the country stronger without him.
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In art, as in politics, turf war harms us all
April 29, 2017
A battle over an ousted theatre director has parallels with the election campaign
World Comment
Turkey just banned Wikipedia, labeling it a ‘national security threat’
April 29, 2017
Turkey just banned Wikipedia, labeling it a 'national security threat'

If you try to open Wikipedia in Turkey right now, you'll turn up a swirling loading icon, then a message that the server timed out. Turkey has blocked Wikipedia. If you're inside the country, you can only access the online encyclopedia through a virtual private network connection to a system outside the country. Turkish officials reportedly […]
Ayatollah Khamenei’s favorite underperformed in Iran’s first presidential debate
April 29, 2017
Ayatollah Khamenei’s favorite underperformed in Iran’s first presidential debate

Just a few days ago, hard-line cleric Ebrahim Raisi was the contender to watch in the race to unseat Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. By the weekend, his candidacy was already in doubt. In the harsh, fast-paced politicking typical of Iran’s campaign season, Raisi's candidacy quickly foundered after his poor performance in a live television debate. Six […]
Will terror-stricken Nice turn to Marine Le Pen for president?
April 29, 2017
Will terror-stricken Nice turn to Marine Le Pen for president?

NICE, France — Marine Le Pen chose a pointed location for the first rally since the first round of France’s presidential election: Nice, where a Tunisian-born man killed 86 people last year by driving a truck into beachfront crowds celebrating Bastille Day. Calling Nice a “martyr city of Islamic terrorism,” Le Pen told thousands who packed […]
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Turkish Court Formally Blocks Access to Wikipedia
April 29, 2017
(ISTANBUL) — In a move that social media users called censorship, a Turkish court on Saturday blocked access to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, enforcing an earlier restriction by Turkey’s telecommunications watchdog. The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) said an Ankara court ordered Saturday that a “protection measure” related to suspected internet crimes be…

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Donald Trump’s first 100 days
April 28, 2017
ON April 29th Donald Trump, America’s president, will mark his 100th day occupying the highest office in the land.
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What you can do to prevent Alzheimer's | Lisa Genova
April 28, 2017
Alzheimer's doesn't have to be your brain's destiny, says neuroscientist and author of "Still Alice," Lisa Genova. She shares the latest science investigating the disease -- and some promising research on what each of us can do to build an Alzheimer's-resistant brain.

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