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Data management startup Rubrik confirms $180M round at a $1.3B valuation
April 28, 2017
Data flying over group of laptops to illustrate data integration/sharing. Rubrik, a startup that provides data backup and recovery services for enterprises across both cloud and on-premises environments, has closed a $180 million round of funding that values the company at $1.3 billion. The news confirms a report we ran earlier this week noting that the company was raising between $150 million and $200 million. Read More
Auto site Carvana tumbles 26% in stock market debut
April 28, 2017
 Carvana, the site for buying and selling cars, had a rough first day in the public markets. After pricing its IPO at $15 per share, it ended the day down 26 percent, at $11.10. Bankers typically recommend a price that would cause the shares to go up about 20 percent or so on the first day. But Carvana maximized every last dollar in its $225 million offering, at the cost of new investors. Read More
Cloudera finishes up 20% in stock market debut
April 28, 2017
 After pricing its IPO at $15 per share, Cloudera, the enterprise big data company, closed the day up more than 20 percent, at $18.09. This also is above the range of $12 to $14 for which Cloudera was preparing. Read More

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Oculus will skip E3 2017: It’s not you, it’s me
April 29, 2017
Attendees at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles will notice that a familiar structure has faded from the show’s sweeping skyline of corporate booths. The familiar black monolith bearing the Oculus logo will not be making an appearance at E3 2017. Oculus has confirmed that it will not have a booth at E3 this year. […]
Venture Deals
Epic Sciences Completes $40M Series D
April 29, 2017
SAN DIEGO, CA, Epic Sciences has completed a $40 million Series D financing led by Hermed Capital.
Work Today Closes $1.1M Seed Round
April 29, 2017
SANTA MONCIA, CA, Work Today has closed a $1.1M seed round.
TapClicks Grabs $3M
April 29, 2017
SAN JOSE, CA, TapClicks has raised $3M in funding from Saas Capital.
Deep Fiber Solutions Snares $8.9M
April 29, 2017
ROSWELL, GA, Deep Fiber Solutions has completed an $8.9 million equity financing.
Domo Bags $100M Series D-2 Extension
April 29, 2017
SILICON SLOPES, UT, Domo announced today that it has closed $100 million in a Series D2 Extension.
Venture Capital
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Vizio’s new TVs don’t do apps the way you’d expect
April 29, 2017

When Vizio unveiled its “new” 2017 P-Series and actually-new 2017 M-Series TVs on Tuesday, it seemed as though the company was making a quick return to the old smart TV approach of preloading apps like Hulu, Vudu, and others onto the sets. Last year, no apps were included on Vizio’s TVs out of the box; instead, they were designed as great looking displays that hooked into Google Chromecast, allowing owners to stream content from hundreds of apps using their own smartphone. But despite Vizio going so far as to bundle an Android tablet in the box, this concept likely confused some consumers.

So it is true that Vizio is making a change this year. A select few apps will come included out of the box to make things more convenient for people...

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Digital Trends
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Startup Spotlight: This biotech company uses fermentation to produce custom compounds
April 27, 2017

Here’s a wacky concept. Imagine you could give a microorganism, like yeast, specific instructions on what to produce during fermentation. Through the same process used to make beer or sourdough bread, you could coax the yeast into producing any chemical compound or enzyme you like. That may sound like science fiction, but Arzeda says it’s already a reality. The Seattle biotech startup is using this fermentation process to create “everything from the material used to make the tent you take on camping trips, to eco-friendly paints, and even pharmaceuticals or food ingredients,” according to CEO Alexandre Zanghelini. Arzeda’s customers are… Read More

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10 Interview Tips for Tech Companies
April 29, 2017
Interviewing with a tech company is somewhat different from interviewing at companies in other industries.
The Best Entrepreneurial Lessons Don't Cost $10,000
April 29, 2017
Some masterminds may try to charge you thousands for a single session. Is their knowledge really worth that much?

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Macron’s halo can bring the London spirit to Paris
April 26, 2017
France’s capital could become a European hub for technology and enterprise  
Entrepreneur Stories
Using Innovation to Re-Think Global Problems
April 17, 2017

The Kairos Society, a global group of young entrepreneurs, focuses on finding innovative solutions to big problems. Co-founder and chairman Ankur Jain joins Lunch Break's Tanya Rivero to discuss what to expect at its upcoming summit.

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