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Which person should you hire: A growth hacker or a digital marketer?
August 5, 2021
"Growth hacking is great to kickstart growth, test new opportunities and see what tactics work. Marketeers should be there to continue where the growth hackers left off."
Founders must learn how to build and maintain circles of trust with investors
August 5, 2021
Founders should definitely pursue big rounds at sky-high valuations, but it’s important that they recognize how important it is to manage who they allow into their mentorship circles.
A blueprint for building a great startup founding team
August 5, 2021
Putting the right people in the right roles early on can be the difference between success and failure — and that starts at the top.
John Deere buys autonomous tractor startup Bear Flag Robotics
August 5, 2021
In the world of robotic startups, acquisition is often as good an outcome as any. And when it comes to robotic tractor startups, you could do worse than being acquired by John Deere. The agricultural technology giant announced today that it’s set to acquire Bear Flag Robotics for $250 million. The Bay Area-based firm, which […]
Do bronze medals ever make sense for unicorns?
August 5, 2021
When should a startup decide to cease its efforts to challenge leading players in a specific market?

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How EU edtech startups are navigating the pandemic
August 5, 2021
Educators in Europe are revamping education tech to take a huge stride forward in the post-pandemic marketplace.
4 things I learned at Black Hat 2021
August 5, 2021
When it comes to cybersecurity, the fortunes of private companies are now irrevocably intertwined with those of the government.
Venture Deals
Octane Pulls In $52M Series D Funding Round
August 6, 2021
NEW YORK, NY, Octane Lending today announced it has raised $52 million in Series D funding.
tab32 Closes Series B Funding Round
August 5, 2021
SACRAMENTO, CA, tab32, the dental industry's #1 cloud-based, full-service technology platform, today announced closing a Series B round.
Kensho Health Secures $3.5M Seed Round
August 5, 2021
LOS ANGELES, CA, Kenshō Health, the first care navigation and provider discovery platform for holistic medicine, has raised a $3.5 million Seed investment.
Mindtickle Pulls In $100M Series E Round
August 5, 2021
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Mindtickle, the leader in sales readiness technology, announced today that it has raised an additional $100 million in Series E funding.
Messari Completes $21M Series A Round
August 5, 2021
NEW YORK, NY, Messari, a leading crypto market intelligence company, has closed $21 million in Series A funding led by Point72 Ventures.
Cricket Health Lands $83.5M Series B Financing
August 5, 2021
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Today, Cricket Health announced it has closed an $83.5 million Series B funding round led by Valtruis.
Venture Capital
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STARTUP • Trends
Bill Gates admits meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were a ‘huge mistake’
August 5, 2021
Image: CNN

Bill Gates said that spending time with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was “a huge mistake” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The interview covered Gates’ relationship with Epstein, which he says was an attempt to get “billions for philanthropy,” as well as Gates’ alleged workplace misbehavior at Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates’ story regarding his relationship with Epstein hasn’t changed much since their meetings came to light. In 2019, he told The Wall Street Journal that he had met Epstein, but “didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him.” A month later, The New York Times quoted a spokesperson for Gates, who said that Gates “regrets ever meeting with Epstein and...

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Technology Trends
Internet Trends
Disagreement may be a way to make online content spread faster, further
July 22, 2021
Disagreement seems to spread online posts faster and further than agreement, according to a new study from the University of Central Florida.
Cryptographic vulnerabilities on popular Telegram messaging platform
July 16, 2021
Researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London are part of a team who have completed a substantial security analysis of the encryption protocol used by the popular messaging platform, Telegram, with over half a billion monthly active users.
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STARTUP • Insights
Amazon invested millions in a pre-revenue company with a system for measuring human proteins
August 5, 2021
Amazon declined to specify whether it's working with Nautilus Technology in addition to investing. The online retailer has been pushing into health care.
Startup Insights
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Yelp Now Offers a Feature That Allows Businesses to Specify COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Customers and Staff
August 5, 2021
The safety measure will only apply to businesses in the restaurant, food, and nightlife industries.
Barbie pays tribute to Sarah Gilbert, co-creator of the Astra Zeneca vaccine
August 5, 2021
The famous doll refers to her slogan "be what you want to be", with Barbies made in the image of six female scientists who made a difference during the pandemic.

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STARTUP • Stories
Losing Face: the perils of Facebook’s Asia strategy
August 5, 2021
Compromises with regional governments speed access to growth markets
Apple plans to scan US iPhones for child abuse imagery
August 5, 2021
Security researchers raise alarm over potential surveillance of personal devices
Lyft and Uber’s fork on road to profit
August 5, 2021
Apple’s iPhone scanning plans, ByteDance retrenches, Google’s new Nests
It’s time to ban autonomous killer robots before they become a threat
August 5, 2021
With their first use on the battlefield, AI-powered drones are now a growing problem the world must face
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