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Meet top startups from Alchemist Class 17
January 19, 2018
 Yesterday Alchemist Accelerator, best known for working with enterprise startups, held its 17th demo day at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California. Twenty-four startups pitched ideas ranging from personalized genomics to hard tech spinouts from Stanford’s Linear Accelerator.  Rather than expound upon all twenty-four I worked with Alchemist to bring you a top… Read More
Where is crypto heading in 2018? We talk to some folks who might know
January 19, 2018
Cryptomania! This week was rough for HODLers. We took to the halls of CES and then spoke to some folks in the know about the future of crypto, the ever-changing price, and where crypto is headed in 2018. Join me, Jameson Lopp , and Michelle Tsng as we dig into cryptomania. Credits Written by: John Biggs Hosted by: John Biggs Filmed by: Chris Gates Edited by: Chris Gates Read More
France’s Digital Minister Mounir Mahjoubi on French startups
January 19, 2018
 More than 270 French startups flew all the way to Las Vegas for CES 2018. And France’s Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Mounir Mahjoubi came there to support them. I had the opportunity to sit down and interview him about the current state of the tech ecosystem in France and how it can compete at a global level. Mahjoubi joined Emmanuel Macron’s team as the person in charge… Read More

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Facebook’s News Feed will soon prioritize stories that are trustworthy, informative, or local
January 19, 2018
Facebook today announced that its News Feed will soon give priority to trustworthy news outlets. The gauge for what Facebook considers high-quality news will come in part from a survey of Facebook users to determine which news outlets they find most trustworthy. Local news and news outlets that Facebook users deem informative will also be given […]
Venture Deals
PacketFabric Secures $25M in Series B Funding
January 19, 2018
CULVER CITY, CA, Connectivity-as-a-service platform and a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, today announces it has secured $25 million in Series B funding.
defi SOLUTIONS Announces $55M Series C
January 19, 2018
GRAPEVINE, TX, Leading innovator in lending industry software, today announced it has raised $55 million in a Series C investment from Bain Capital Ventures.
City State Entertainment Lands $7.5M
January 19, 2018
FAIRFAX, VA, Developer of the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game Camelot Unchained, announced today that it has secured a $7.5 million minority investment.
Cisse Cocoa Raises Capital
January 19, 2018
PITTSBURGH, PA, Next Act Fund and BlueTree Allied Angels announced their respective investments in Cisse Cocoa.
Pioneer Square Labs Raises $15M
January 18, 2018
SEATTLE, WA, Pioneer Square Labs (PSL) announced today that it has raised $15 million to scale its Seattle-based startup studio, which partners with entrepreneurs to create and build innovative companies.
Venture Capital
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Amazon adds Alexa to the Alexa app on Android
January 19, 2018

Amazon is bringing its full Alexa voice assistant to any smartphone, with an update that adds Alexa to the existing Alexa app, via Android Police. Until now, it only let you manage Amazon’s assistant on other devices.

Amazon has partnered with companies to integrate its assistant onto smartphones before, but it was only a few devices, like the Huawei Mate 9 or Motorola Moto X4. Adding it to the Alexa app is the first time it’ll be freely available on almost any device.

Crucially, Android Police reports that phones still won’t be able to listen for the “Alexa” command when the app is closed. So, unless you’re willing to open up the app every time you’d like to conjure up Alexa, it’s probably not super...

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Technology Trends
Internet Trends
Only President Trump can halt the NSA’s warrantless mass surveillance
January 19, 2018

One of the biggest news stories of 2013 came from a US government contractor, who blew the whistle on the country’s National Security Agency (NSA) spying on citizens’ communications. The story sparked outrage over American intelligence agencies’ methods, and drew the world into debates about whether national security should come at the cost of privacy. Nearly five years on, the NSA is set to receive renewed permission to continue its warrantless internet surveillance program for six years with minimal changes, thanks to a bill that was just passed in the US Senate. Now, all that’s left to enforce it is…

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STARTUP • Insights
Travis Kalanick is walking away with $1.4 billion as Uber's deal with SoftBank closes
January 18, 2018
Uber and SoftBank completed their long-awaited investment agreement on Thursday.
Startup Insights
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Why One Entrepreneur Says If You Want to Change Your Life, Change Your Clothes
January 19, 2018
George Brescia, a style expert and author of 'Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life Because You Can't Go Naked!,' sits down with Jessica Abo to discuss how you can dress for success.
Pyramid Schemes Are Targeting Snapchat's Mostly Teen Users
January 19, 2018
Screenshots circulating on the platform may be giving some users a run for their money.

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STARTUP • Stories
Bain & Co founder, William ‘Bill’ Bain, 1937-2018
January 18, 2018
Firm has become a leading adviser to the world’s largest private equity groups
Entrepreneur Stories
In the Elevator With Shaq
November 9, 2017

WSJ's Joanna Stern "bumps" into NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal in the WSJ elevator, gets financial tips, asks him about rings and Kazaam 2. Photo: Jeff Bush/The Wall Street Journal

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