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By in Markets on March 6, 2017
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How Gargantuan Can Private Equity Get?
February 22, 2018
The biggest private-equity firms are in a fund-raising frenzy, but it will be increasingly hard to find the returns that have made them such money magnets.
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Sensex Down 125 Points In Early Trade; Nifty Dips Below 10,350
February 22, 2018
Indian shares opened notably lower on Thursday as investors digested a hawkish tone out of the FOMC's meeting minutes released on Wednesday.
Asian Markets Mostly Lower
February 22, 2018
Asian stock markets are mostly lower on Thursday following the negative cues overnight from Wall Street after the minutes of the Federal Reserve's January meeting indicated the central bank still plans to raise interest rates three times in 2018. The Chinese market is rallying as it resumed trading after the Lunar New Year holidays, while the Japanese market is declining.
Sensex, Nifty To Open Lower On Interest Rate Worries
February 22, 2018
Indian shares look set to open lower on Thursday, tracking weak global markets as signs of faster U.S. inflation bolstered expectations for three or even more interest rate hikes this year.
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Symantec Stock Has Its Sights Set on $42.00 and Beyond
February 21, 2018
SYMC Stock: A Perfect Springboard At the end of January, the market indices swooned. The catalysts that sent them lower ranged from higher interest rates to a spike in the volatility index, which created a lot of confusion. One thing that remained clear was that the sell-off was driven by computers acting on algorithms. The fact that computers have such an influence on the stock market is especially frightening, given that cybercrime and threats are high and rising. Centralized systems have been the cause of many hacks and a countless amount of personal data has been stolen. It's easy to see why cybersecurity is a hot topic and why tens of millions of dollars are flooding. The post Symantec Stock Has Its Sights Set on $42.00 and Beyond appeared first on Profit Confidential.
Litecoin Price Forecast: Bitcoin’s SegWit Adoption a Blessing for Litecoin?
February 21, 2018
Daily Litecoin News Update Cryptocurrency prices are correcting on Wednesday morning after a neat rally earlier this week. The to-and-fro price movement is a given in this space, so let’s not sweat it. The Litecoin price is down about 13.7% in the last 24 hours but is holding steady over the $210.00 mark. More than price, there’s another pressing concern right now that needs addressing. That is, Bitcoin is moving toward “SegWit” adoption. Read it like this: Bitcoin is going to copy Litecoin’s moat, and since it’s the mightier of the two, the fear is that smart money will rotate back to Bitcoin. In case you haven’t heard, the next major update to Bitcoin’s. The post Litecoin Price Forecast: Bitcoin’s SegWit Adoption a Blessing for Litecoin? appeared first on Profit Confidential.