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By in World on May 6, 2017
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Dutch gig cancelled over terror tip-off
August 23, 2017
A Spanish van carrying gas canisters is found, after the concert is called off following an alert.

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Dutch foil possible attack on tip from Spain; no Barcelona link
August 23, 2017
AMSTERDAM/MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish man was detained by Dutch police on Wednesday after he was found driving a van with gas canisters near a Rotterdam venue where a rock concert was canceled due to a threat of a possible attack.
As Syria war tightens, U.S. and Russia military hotlines humming
August 24, 2017
AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar (Reuters) - Even as tensions between the United States and Russia fester, there is one surprising place where their military-to-military contacts are quietly weathering the storm: Syria.
Barcelona balances security and freedom after deadly attacks
August 23, 2017
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia, hit last week by two Islamist militant attacks which killed 15 people, is to deploy more police, install bollards in Barcelona and step up security around stations and tourist landmarks.
Air strikes near Houthi checkpoint kill at least 35 in Yemen
August 23, 2017
DUBAI (Reuters) - At least 35 people were killed in air strikes that hit a hotel near a Houthi-controled outpost outside the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Wednesday, a medic said, and a Saudi-led coalition spokesman said it conducted the strike against its Houthi adversary.