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By in World on October 6, 2020
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The Arctic Comes in from the Cold
October 20, 2020

The more that global warming reduces the ice cover in the Arctic, the greater the need there will be for multilateral arrangements to govern trade, resource extraction, and other issues across the region. Without forward-looking cooperation, a zero-sum scramble will ensue, leaving everyone worse off.

International Editorial
Jean-Claude Van Damme Helped Save a Puppy
October 21, 2020
The action star Jean-Claude Van Damme intervened to save a Bulgarian dog from euthanasia after Norway said it had been imported on a fake passport.
India Returns Captured China Soldier in Sign of Easing Tensions
October 21, 2020
After months of tension that turned violent at times, the release signaled a respite in a dispute that has led to a buildup of forces along the disputed mountainous border.