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Coronavirus: South Korea declares highest alert as infections surge
February 23, 2020
The president says the country faces "a grave turning point" and the next few days will be crucial.

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Trump departs for quick trip to India to see big crowds
February 23, 2020
U.S. President Donald Trump departed on Sunday on quick trip to India, where he is to see crowds so large that they will make the much ballyhooed turnout for his campaign rallies pale in comparison.
'Parasite' star hopes film will help Japan-Korea cultural ties
February 23, 2020
One of the stars of "Parasite" said on Sunday he hoped the film would help improve cultural ties between Japan and Korea, which have been strained by disputes including a trade row that ignited between the Asian neighbors last year.
Concern over coronavirus spread grows with cases jumping in South Korea, Italy and Iran
February 23, 2020
International concern about the spread of coronavirus outside China grew on Sunday with sharp rises in infections in three countries - South Korea, Italy and Iran.
Turkey shuts Iran border, halts flights due to coronavirus
February 23, 2020
Turkey has closed its border with Iran and halted incoming flights as a precaution to stop the potential spread of coronavirus after the neighboring country reported 43 cases of the disease, the health minister said on Sunday.
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Move Over, Elliott. Argentina's New Bond-Market Nemesis Is Fidelity.
February 23, 2020
Argentina’s new adversary in the bond market is no highflying hedge fund. It’s Fidelity Investments.
Losing $450,000 in Three Days: Hackers Trick Victims Into Big Wire Transfers
February 23, 2020
Someone hijacked Frank Krasovec’s email and asked his assistant to wire thousands of dollars to a Hong Kong account. Fraudsters are stealing billions each year through this type of scam, which uses sophisticated hacking and wire transfers to efficiently move money overseas.
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Smart speakers can mistakenly record audio nearly 20 times per day on average, study finds
February 22, 2020
The good news is researchers found no evidence the devices were constantly recording conversations.
Apple course corrects for the coronavirus to keep its next iPhones on track
February 22, 2020
This week's Apple news didn't stop at the company's Chinese production troubles.
What Amsterdam’s war on the rubber duckie says about global tourism
February 22, 2020
Cities like Amsterdam, New York, and Barcelona are trying new strategies to reap the benefits of tourism while also countering its downsides.
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Oil slides nearly 1% on renewed fears over toll from coronavirus
February 21, 2020
Oil prices fell about 1% on Friday on renewed concerns about crude demand being pinched by the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, while leading producers appeared to be in no rush to curb output.
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Oil slides nearly 1% on renewed fears over toll from coronavirus
February 21, 2020
Oil prices fell about 1% on Friday on renewed concerns about crude demand being pinched by the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, while leading producers appeared to be in no rush to curb output.
Gold surges 1.5% on growing coronavirus concerns
February 21, 2020
Gold jumped more than 1.5% on Friday to its highest level in seven years as investors rushed to the metal's safety due to concerns over the global economic fallout from the fast-spreading coronavirus.
Dollar dented as data disappoints; yen catches a safety bid
February 21, 2020
The U.S. dollar fell across the board on Friday after a survey of purchasing managers showed U.S. business activity in the manufacturing and services sectors stalled in February and as investors fretted over the fast-spreading coronavirus.
China stocks rise as Beijing says work resumption is speeding up
February 20, 2020
China's Ministry of Commerce said Friday that the resumption of work has been rapidly increasing in major foreign trade provinces such as Guangdong and Jiangsu.
Broadly strong dollar grinds yen to 10-month low
February 20, 2020
The yen fell past 112 to a 10-month low against a broadly stronger U.S. dollar on Thursday, extending recent losses for the Japanese currency as investors fretted about dire economic news out of the country.
Gold climbs to 7-yr high as virus woes boost safety demand
February 20, 2020
Gold prices rose to their highest level in seven-years on Thursday as investors sought safe haven assets after a rise in the number of new coronavirus cases in South Korea added to worries over the global economic impact of the outbreak.
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EU looks to toughen position ahead of UK trade talks
February 23, 2020
Ambassadors from bloc’s 27 nations to discuss mandate that will govern negotiations
Executives should show a little human kindness
February 23, 2020
They need the ability to put collective interests before their own

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What’s at Stake in Libya?
February 21, 2020

The battle for Libya is a complicated affair involving not just the warring parties on the ground, but also a host of regional and global powers vying for regional influence and control of energy resources. And, unless it ends soon, it could sow instability in neighboring countries and trigger more waves of refugees fleeing to Europe.

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Coronavirus Live Updates: South Korea’s Leader Raises Alert Level to Maximum
February 23, 2020
With more than 600 cases confirmed, President Moon Jae-in empowered the government to lock down cities and restrict travel, though he announced no specific measures.
Earthquake in Iran Kills at Least 9 in Neighboring Turkey
February 23, 2020
People remained trapped under rubble after the magnitude-5.7 earthquake struck in western Iran on Sunday, a Turkish official said.
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