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US urges Iran's new President Ebrahim Raisi to resume nuclear talks
August 5, 2021
The state department says Ebrahim Raisi should seize the opportunity to revive a landmark 2015 deal.

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Richard Trumka, Longtime AFL-CIO Leader, Dies
August 5, 2021
The president of the nation’s largest union organization was a vocal supporter of Democrats and helped shape labor policy.
Biden Lays Down Marker on Fuel Efficiency, Electric Vehicles
August 5, 2021
The Detroit auto makers supported the president’s goal of increasing EV sales to half of all cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. by 2030. They also face the challenge of tougher fuel-efficiency standards.
Coal Is a Gold Mine for Producers After Blistering Rally
August 5, 2021
Glencore, one of the biggest miners of thermal coal, reported record first-half earnings and expects the fuel to be a big moneymaker for the rest of the year.

Video: Beirut Explosion Anniversary Marked by Protests, Clashes
August 5, 2021

Massive crowds gathered at the port of Beirut to commemorate the anniversary of the blast that killed more than 200 people. Groups of protesters clashed with police amid an economic collapse that has caused widespread food shortages. Photo: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images

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Asia-Pacific markets mixed as investors await U.S. jobs report
August 5, 2021
The closely watched U.S. jobs report for July is set to be released on Friday stateside.
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BoE sees tight labour market as trigger for higher rates
August 5, 2021
Employment outlook has changed quickly with many companies struggling to recruit workers
BoE signals ‘modest tightening’ of monetary policy in next 2 years
August 5, 2021
Interest rates likely to rise sooner than anticipated as inflation climbs towards 4%

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Among India's Believers
August 5, 2021

A recent nationwide, multi-faith public-opinion survey has found that Indians value both religious tolerance and co-existence, on the one hand, and religious exclusivity and segregation, on the other. But this apparent contradiction, although astonishing to many, is in fact not entirely surprising.

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In Praise of Smoke and Mirrors
August 5, 2021
If we need creative accounting to invest for the future, go for it.
The Biden Approach Is Working
August 5, 2021
There's a reason progressives keep losing Democratic primaries.
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